Who this benefits

  • Student End Users – When authoring, copy and paste to cite. When reading, click on a citation to see the source and then click on the source to open it directly, as well as having much more flexible views of the text than plain PDFs afford
  • Educators – Better understanding of student thinking through the Glossaries of Defined Concepts, clearer access to citations and simpler environment for students
  • Publishers – For production, sync’s up with their XML data for cheap production and connects their work better for more use of their content. For ingestion of manuscripts makes extraction of metatada faster and places much less onus on the author to format to style, which incurs considerable costs. Currently in testing with the ACM.
  • Software Developers – Easy and cheap to produce Visual-Meta based on the data in the manuscript and also easy and cheap to extract from PDF, with no licence or external software needed