Not Yet-Another-Standard-Proposal [It’s BibTeX & JSON]

This is not a new format, this is a novel use and extension of the academic-standard BibTeX format with JSON additions.

Furthermore, the approach is not tied to existing means of dealing with information, it is simply an approach and should always lean away from optimising what is presented and towards making it easily human and machine understandable, including the addressing mechanisms used, which should not simply be server-centric, but more robust and include redundancy (Voß, 2019). This will also help us deal with link-rot and other needs for maintain with server based models in the future (Anderson, Carr, Millard, 2017). Further developments can support different types of metadata, including semantic metadata (Al-Khalifa & Davis, 2006), yet it does not impose a new standard, such as the semantic web does (Marshall & Shipman, 2004), while it at the same time opens new opportunities for Visual-Meta aware systems, providing immediate benefits, as outlined above.