Flexible Views


NOTE: This is a demo of one implementation, to illustrate what is possible. Visual-Meta is not tied to any specific software or operating system.


A document augmented with Visual-Meta allows you to view it in more flexible ways.


For instance, as you would expect, you can use the right and left arrow keys to go from page to page, but if you do arrow down, it goes to the next top level heading.

In the case of our books on ‘The Future of Text’, which each contain quite a few hundreds of words, this is a very convenient way to see what the different articles are about.

Find what you are looking for

If you come across text and you want to see if it’s been used elsewhere in the document, you can select it and do cmd-F. It’ll show you all the occurrences of that in a single line, plus two lines above and below in gray for context. This is instead of having to hunt through the document for yellow boxes.

You can then click on one to jump to it or cmd-F again to exit.

Find how concepts connect (Unique to Visual-Meta)

If you do the same with a word that is also in the Glossary such as ‘PDF ‘–selected the text and cmd-F, then we get all the results as before and on top of the screen we get the Glossary definition.

This is interactive, so if I click on any bold word, it will jump to entry in the Glossary.

This is a basic demonstration of how Visual-Meta can allow you to view documents more flexibly than standard PDF allows for.


try it!

These capabilities are already available of you to experience in the macOS Author & Reader software from The Augmented Text Company as proof of concept.