Errata Appendix (future development)

There are mechanics we are working on where the publisher can issue errata pages of Visual-Meta (which are brief PDF pages themselves) so that the researcher can add them (simply clicking ‘ok’ if the reading software announces that one is available) after the original Visual-Meta for any post-publish errors which might have crept in or other information the publisher wants the reader to be aware of. This can be as simple as a typo or as extreme as pointing out that an error was found in the data or that a cited document has been found to be suspect. Remember, this is just a virtual sheet of (PDF) paper added to the back of the document, it does not change the document but it provides a clean mechanism for updating it. This also addresses an initial idea from the inception of Visual Meta: that of cleaning the overall citation ecosystem, with good data—over time—either enriching incomplete data or supplanting erroneous data.

A blog post on this is available on the Liquid Blog.