Clipboard Implementation

To allow the user to copy text from one environment (such as a PDF viewer like Reader or a web page) & paste it into a Visual-Met aware text editor as a full citation, such as Author, the copied text needs to contain the following ‘Self Citation‘ metadata. It does not need to include the full Visual-Meta, but it must include enough to cite the document.

If you are familiar with BibTeX you can see that the minimum requirement is exactly what the document’s BibTeX would contain, and this is not by accident, this is to make the process very easy to integrate into current libraries.

An example from a web page:

author = "Sam Liu",
title = "Three Things – jrnl",
year = "2019",
month = "jan",
day = "30",
url = ";article=1;char=225-297"

Another example, from a web page:

author = {Christopher Gutteridge},
title = {Love data week: COVID Data – Southampton Web and Data Innovation Team},url = {},
year = {2021},month = {feb},
day = {12},

You can try this yourself by visiting this sites, selecting text, pointing to the little liquid sphere and choosing ‘Copy BibTeX’.