Implementations of Visual-Meta


macOS Software

Visual-Meta has been implemented in the Augmented Text Company’s ‘Author’ & ‘Reader’ as proof of concept, providing the abilities to Copy As Citation, Fold into Table of Contents, Interactive Glossary and more. Code for parsing Visual-Meta in your own project is available for free on request, just contact us.



Visual-Meta also supports  powerful visualisations of how documents connect.


Conference Proceedings

ACM Hypertext ’21 papers all feature Visual-Meta:

ACM Hypertext ’22 papers all feature Visual-Meta:



Visual-Meta can be copied from web pages built in WordPress, including this site. Simply install and then visitors can select any text, which will result in a little ‘liquid dot’. The user can then click on this and choose to copy as a citation which the user can then paste as a citation in software which supports pasting BibTeX or Visual-Meta as Citation, such as the software Author we have developed.


Data Extraction can now read Visual-Meta directly, in addition to the scarping they normally have to do. Founder of Phil Gooch writes in an email “Much easier than trying to scrape the data from the PDF.” An example is this document in the ACM Digital Library: which renders like this on Scholarcy via Visual-Meta:


Data Analysis

Data analysis with Exaptive.




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