This is an example of an event glossary, for use in a timeline for example:

name = {first name of entry},
alt-name1 = {second version name of entry},
alt-name2 = {third version name of entry},
description = {rectangular array of values} (plain text definition description)
cite = {transitory id/label from the citation in the References section},
cite2 = {transitory id/label from the citation in the References section}, (if more than one)

category = {event}, (determines what options will be useful next and it is expected that the authoring software shows different possible fields depending on which category is chosen)
eventtype = {invention}, (as above, further describes what this is)

title = {Carbon Paper},
subject = {}, (same as title unless filled in)
purpose = {making paper copies cheaper and less error prone},
available alternatives = {hand copying, Jefferson system of mechanical sticks},
altvocabulary = {alternative vocabulary for specific terms, like this: paper:substrate},
cost = {cost to produce in $},

year = {1801}, (can be ‘none’ which means not historical event but event which can take place any time, according to data below},
yearprobablity = {}, (can have ‘ca.’ to indicate ‘circa’ and other means)
month = {November},
date = {13},
time = {12:01:20},
duration = {},
fuzziness = {1 year}, (this is a hard one to define, it means how the border of time should fade when shown visually)
infuture = {}, (if yes, this is in the future of when this entry was created)
useduntil = {1970s},

byfirstname = {Pellegrino}, (this section can be replaced by reference to entry if this person has a Glossary entry)
bymiddlename = {},
bylastname = {Turri},
byprefix = {},
bypostfix = {},
bytitle = {},
byalternative = {},
byformerly = {},

issoleinventor = {yes},
iscollaborator = {},
isorganisation = {} (if ‘yes’ then this is an organisation. Entry can have both, and more than one person),

onlinesource = {URL of wikipedia or better},
onlineobject-representation = {link to image or 3D model},

orignaldialogsource = {link to audio/video/text source of how this entry came about},

entrycreatedby {} (author of this document if blank, or other, named person or entity. URL or citation if copied and pasted),


The data above should be able to present a sentence such as:

1801 Carbon Paper by Pellegrino Turri

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